Sarah’s Story


1990 – 2013

Sarah was a dynamic, passionate, creative individual who, as an Advertising/Marketing major at Champlain College left an undeniable impact on those around her.  Sarah’s zest for life and pushing the status quo was both inspiring and challenging. Her passion for Branding and Advertising and her inherent gift for understanding how to best reach her audience allowed her to excel in creating content that moved people to action.


Sarah was a risk taker. She was a woman who knew few bounds. She created. She traveled. She pushed the limits. She challenged us all to do more, be more, experience more. She was “wired to work” and looked for every opportunity to learn, grow, and challenge herself. She lived every moment with gusto and aggressively sought out experiences that would transform her way of thinking, her point of view, her world. She volunteered, she studied abroad in Peru and in China, she created advertising and branding campaigns for small brands and big brands. She made a difference.


In her memory, The Sarah Ramsey ’12 Strong Scholarship Fund was established to support third or fourth year marketing students who have demonstrated strong academic performance and wish to expand their professional and international experiences while attending Champlain College.


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In Her Own Words: A Poem By Sarah Ramsey


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