Walking Or Running It Is Still Impressive

To some running can be intimidating. So why not walk instead? Walking has many advantages, and can be less stressful on your body than running. Walking can improve your posture, strengthen your muscles, reduce cellulite, and increase your circulation amongst other things. Check out this article for more reasons to walk. As for the Sarah RamseyContinue reading “Walking Or Running It Is Still Impressive”

Otago: An opportunity of a lifetime for marketing student

She won’t be here for long, but there’s little doubt that Lauren Buniva is making the most of her opportunity to study at the University of Otago. It’s an opportunity that came about thanks to a scholarship she received from Champlain College back home in Vermont earlier this year. In June, Ms Buniva was awardedContinue reading “Otago: An opportunity of a lifetime for marketing student”