New Sarah Ramsey Initiatives Drive Innovation & Entrepreneurship at Champlain College!

The Sarah Ramsey Strong Fund team continues to honor the legacy of Sarah Ramsey, Champlain College Class of 2012. The latest initiative supports the newly formed Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, under the leadership of Dr. Kylie King, Center Director and Professor of Entrepreneurship. This campaign has set a goal to raise an additional $50K to inspire Champlain College students to pursue their goals and dreams.

Sarah Ramsey Fund bar chart showing $50k Fundraising Goal and total contribution to Champlain College.

Learn more about our Sarah Ramsey Fellows and the Flight Fund by visiting the Champlain College website.

Published by Sarah Ramsey Strong

About the Sarah Ramsey Strong Fund: This permanent fund was established in memory of Sarah Elizabeth Ramsey by her family and friends after she passed away unexpectedly in 2013. The Fund celebrates Sarah’s inspiring and passionate creativity, zest for life, and her love for traveling abroad, and continues her legacy by supporting Champlain College scholarships and other student focused programs.